Mak Something Edmonton


We formed as independent team of creatives in 2014

'cause felt that Edmonton was a great but underestimated place.

Ok, it can get cold in the winter.

And the economy is sorta hurting.

But on the bright side, there are 160 kilometers of trails.

We've got lots of wild life including beavers.

And a million inhabitants from all over.

Our people and Oilers are champions.

The sun generally shines.

Our pizza is fabulous.

YEG's 100+ festivals are renowned.

Researchers at CRINA are aiming to CureCancer,

and we really do have the best Prospects.

Our designs encompass the Edmonton map;

every few months we release another depiction,

working with local printers including Shamrock Sportswear,

Edmonton Garment Printing & Embroidery and Tattered Rags.

We value your input and involvement in

spreading Edmonton's identity across the World.

Our images are shared freely via the Creative Commons

and we welcome new ways to work together.

Three birds-eye views of Edmonton show how our design evolved: