Be Edmontonian


Edmontonians are great people.

We're creating new ways to say that we're proud of our city.

Edmonton isn't just a NHL hotspot.

It offers Canada's largest urban park and over 100 festivals.

Our signature river valley features on all of our Edmonton-made products.


Edmonton Fun Facts


Edmonton forms Canada's largest city region, encompassing 9,427 square kilometers.

Our river valley covers 7,300 hectares and constitutes Canada's largest urban parkland.


North America was invaded by rats in the 18th century but they were eradicated from Alberta 50 years ago.

Beavers, bison, cougars, coyotes, deer, hares, humans, porcupines, moose, skunks and squirrels now live in Edmonton.


Our province offers Canada's highest quality of life and one of the world's best according to a 2014 report.

Within 28 years the human population of our metro region is projected to double to 2.2 million.



Purchase an item and all of the net proceeds will support CureCancer activities at CRINA, University of Alberta.